Interested in becoming a Camp Champion? Find out how!

Camp Westminster has been steadily growing over the past few years, and we are looking forward to seeing another record-breaking season this summer. One of our goals leading up to the summer is to spread the word about Camp Westminster to as many families as possible – but we can’t do this alone!

Because of your commitment to Camp Westminster, we’d like to ask you to partner with us to share the mission of camp with your family, friends, co-workers, people you meet in the grocery store, and more, through our Camp Champions program.

Camp Champions are dedicated to serve as ambassadors for Camp Westminster by increasing awareness and developing new camper-family opportunities through the organization of meetings and communication with their family, friends and community. This can be done in two ways:

Register as a group! If a group of 10 campers register for summer camp and two of those campers are from first-time camper families, each child receives $20 off their camping session, in addition to any other discounts they may qualify for.

Host a gathering! Accumulate a group of potential camper families in your home or other available space of your choosing and allow us to share information about Camp Westminster. By going out of your way to provide us with these connections, you could receive the following:

  • Host gatherings with 5 new families – receive $50 off your camping session.
  • Host gatherings with 10 new families – receive $100 off your camping session.
  • Host gatherings with 15 new families – receive $150 off your camping session.
  • Host gatherings with 20+ new families – receive $200 off your camping session.
  • If families who attend a meeting later register for a camp session, the Camp Champion who made the connection will receive an additional “Refer a Friend” discount ($50 off their own camping session) for up to 5 campers.

We ask that each Camp Champion possess 3+ years of past experience with Camp Westminster, is actively involved in a congregation or community, and your child must be a camp attendee for the upcoming camping season.

If you’re interested in serving Camp Westminster as a Camp Champion, please contact us at 770-483-2225 or